Harcourts Complaints Procedure and Form

Harcourts is committed to handling any complaints or disputes that do arise professionally, fairly and expeditiously.

Our standard in-house procedure is outlined below.

  1. Any client or customer who wishes to make a complaint will be referred to the manager of the relevant office.
  2. If the complainant is not satisfied with the response received from the manager they can make a written complaint to Harcourts Thames (the franchisor), preferably using the Harcourts Complaint Form.
  3. Harcourts Thames will respond to the complainant upon completion of its review of the complaint.
  4. If the client or customer is dissatisfied with the outcome Harcourts will advise of appropriate further steps available.

Please note: Customers or clients may access the Real Estate Agents Authority’s complaints process without first using our in-house procedure; and any use of Harcourts in-house procedure does not preclude a customer or client from making a complaint to the Authority.


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